Construction Training in Nepal, 2007-2012

Project Data

Start of program: August 2007
End of program: May 2012
Total costs of programs: 1.390 Euro
Contribution SSF: 715 Euro

The Project

We believe that extensive training is essential for a successful project. Before we start with the actual construction of our projects, we give training to the local masons, carpenters and village representatives.

The topics include general construction principles, knowledge about earthquakes and earthquake resistant construction methods, and proper material handling. All presentations, movies and hands-on training is done in their own language. Part of the training is informative and theoretical, but we also include some practical sessions on-site.

We have added a couple of technical pages on this website regarding these topics:

  • How to improve the overall construction quality, click here.
  • Basics of earthquake resistant construction, see here and here.
  • The basic principles of confined masonry you can find here.
  • If you need technical assistance with your project, feel free to contact us.

Our Partners and Sponsors for this project

In total we have trained about 250 masons, carpenters, villagers and representatives in over 14 different Nepali villages. These programs could not have been carried out without the help of SEED Foundation from Nepal, and certainly not without its chairman Damodar Bhakta Thapa. He took care of arranging and organizing the training sessions, and translated the events in Nepali to the participants.

Two training sessions were held in cooperation with, and were sponsored by CWS and World Vision from Nepal.